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  • Press releases, contacts and information for journalists.
  • Pressemitteilungen, Kontakte und Informationen für Journalisten.
  • Communiqués de presse, contacts et informations pour les journalistes.
  • Comunicati stampa, contatti e informazioni per giornalisti.


Special thanks

We would especially like to thank the people who enthusiastically support the initiative and made it possible to illustrate and highlight the project.


Thank you, gracias, vielen Dank 💙


For the team’s portrait photos: Carl Emerson, photographer;
For the logo: Daniela Fuentes, graphic designer;
For the communication expertise: Marcel Henry, curator;
For the tech tips and advices, Sandro Räss, webmaster.


A heartfelt thank you to the previous frontline supporters for the initiative of a national philosophy festival, within the ranks of the association philosophie.ch


For project ideation 2019-2021, Anja Leser
For project launch January-May 2022, Martin Götz


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