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The first edition of philExpo – a week of philosophy in Switzerland has just come to an end. Plenty of opportunities for discussion, exchange, discovery and conversation on a myriad of historical and topical issues, united by the question “What do we want to know?”. We thank all the participants, speakers, facilitators, as well as the many associations and institutes that collaborated to make it such an enriching week and an extraoridinary experience for many people.



The initiatives organised within the framework of the festival reached and involved many people interested in philosophy as well as attracted by the creative formats and fruitful hybrids between philosophy, literature and the arts of many initiatives. Meetings on specific topics and thematic workshops mobilised researchers and interested audiences to travel and network nationally and internationally. The development and realisation of the festival activities involved researchers, teachers, students and authors. The ‘network’ that made the event possible includes many people who practice, teach, popularise or simply take an interest in philosophy, in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries. The festival thus opened up the question “What do we want to know?” by declining it through a wide range of topics and issues. Historical, theoretical, epistemological and ethical topics were addressed, as well as issues of great relevance to present-day and public debate.

Alongside themes such as the self, consciousness and the relationship to truth, global issues such as climate change and its relationship to production systems, digitalisation and the transformations of the world of work, communication and the private sphere, the political role of philosophy, the European space and solidarity were discussed throughout the week. In considering these major questions and the impact that the uncertainties of the times in which we live have on individuals and communities, initiatives such as those hosted within the framework of this festival attempt to create the necessary space for the co-construction of new narratives, which allow for a profound rethinking of the structures and processes of knowledge and social practices. 


This is why we renew our gratitude to all those who participated and made possible the many events of this first nationwide philosophy festival.

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